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This website offers access to a wealth of SI resources, most of which are now freely available.  We encourage you to register on the site for full access to everything we have to offer.  Registration is free, and open to anyone.  A walkthrough/howto on the registration process is here.

The RNIB have released two new guides for families and friends of children with vision impairment:

Both can be downloaded from the RNIB website via the links above.


Following the successful SI commissioning event in London yesterday, 15 November 2016, we are pleased to make the speaker presentations from the day available:

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NDCS have published a number of new and updated resources:


School exclusions webpage (www.ndcs.org.uk/exclusions)

Video: My deaf child and getting sign language lessons. Also on the Know Your Rights webpage (www.ndcs.org.uk/localcouncil)

Daisy and Ted’s Awesome Adventures(www.ndcs.org.uk/awesomeadventures) About the author: Alex Naidoo (www.ndcs.org.uk/alexnaidoo)

NDCS added the following stories from back issues of Families magazine to the website.

Mild deafness – major effects (issue 38)

Helping Harry hear (issue 39)

Never give up (issue 39)


Breaking the Sound Barrier: A guide to recruiting and supporting deaf colleagues has been updated in light of the disability ‘two ticks’ scheme changing to ‘disability confident’. The updated version is on the website and we also have hard copies in stock.

The Scotland version of Know Your Rights: Getting support from your local council is currently being updated following a change to the law over the summer. This will be ready to download in the next week or two. Printed copies will be available from around August next year when NDCS have more certainty around what these policy changes mean.

Bullying: Advice for parents of deaf children

Bullying and Deaf Children: A guide for primary and secondary schools

Bullying webpage www.ndcs.org.uk/bullying

Down’s syndrome and childhood deafness webpage (replaces booklet)

Sense has published two brand new toolkits on accessible play!  The toolkits have been designed for parents and professionals, to provide them with a practical guide about how to make play activities accessible for children with multiple needs. The toolkits contain simple ideas, suggestions and practical tips on making play activities and settings more inclusive.  Each activity is complemented with instructional style videos by Sense play experts.

Following the successful annual HoSS event held this week, on 19 October 2016 in Birmingham, presentations and papers are now available to share. These can be downloaded, once registered and logged on to the website.

The suite of all ten documents can be found  folder here

If you missed the BBC Radio programme Too many helping hands... broadcast at 11:00 on 5 October 2016, it is well worth a listen.

The BBC website says of the programme:

The past 40 years has seen a shift from specialist education for blind children to the majority attending mainstream schools. Peter White asks whether the one-on-one teaching assistants now given to blind students in mainstream education helps or hinders them in the transition from school, to university and beyond.

The following presentations from the NatSIP working day on 4 October 2016 are now available:

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The BBC has begun trialling subtitles for live channels on BBC iPlayer. Previously subtitles have only been available for on-demand programmes. More information is available here.

NatSIP has entered into a contract with DfE for 2016 - 17 with a great emphasis on workforce development.

As part of this we have committed to training 300 teachers and teaching assistants who are working with children and young people with sensory impairment, in partnership with OnLineTraining (OLT).

The online training courses are aimed at teachers and teaching assistants who are working directly with children to help them achieve better outcomes. Those following the courses are asked to set three goals for young person with whom they are working, and then to identify three interventions to achieve these goals.

The courses are intended to be delivered by those QTSIs (with the MQ in HI, MSI or VI) normally providing support to schools, who act as online tutors.  This model has proved to be highly effective in achieving improved outcomes. There is built in the evaluation both for the course participant in the form of a pre and post course rating scale, and also for pupils in the form of goal attainment scaling to assess the extent to which positive outcomes have been achieved.

As a result, those delivering the courses have significant levels of management information demonstrating the effectiveness of their delivery, and provides a route through which services can enhance the level of support that they provide to schools. One of the comments which has been made by those running the courses, is that it raises the level of professional dialogue between themselves and those working in schools, because “you know what they know “, and can therefore assume a prior level of knowledge as a starting point for any discussion.

We are looking to recruit 20 to 25 qualified teachers of SI covering HI, VI and MSI, drawn from all parts of the country.