Welcome to the NatSIP-CRIDE Longitudinal Study Home Page.

The purpose of the Longitudinal Study, developed through collaborative working between NatSIP, University College London, City, University of London, and the Consortium for Research in Deaf Education, is to investigate the relationships between pupil, provision and outcomes/ participation variables with the overall aim of improving provision and outcomes for children and young people with hearing impairment.

The Study will operate over a seven year period. The first three years of the project are being grant funded by the Ovingdean Hall Foundation.

The following documents are available:

An document Information Sheet for Local Authority Hearing Impairment Support Teams, which provides an overview of the Longitudinal Study.

Further details for HI Support Teams wishing to participate in the Study are contained within the document Guidance Document. This document contains general guidance on the tasks involved in Year One of the Project.

HI Support Teams wishing to participate in the Study are advised to seek appropriate clearance from their LA's senior management. We have provided a document Sample Consent Form for teams to use internally; it does not need to be returned to the Study.

The Study will collect data via an online, web based Survey Questionnaire - which can be accessed here.  The questionnaire has been designed to include all essential guidance and response options for data entry and submission on individual pupils.

To assist HI Support Teams collecting data on individual pupils in readiness for entry to the online questionnaire, Individual Pupil Data Collection Forms are available.  These forms are optional, and should not be returned to the Study.

The forms available are: 

a)  document Individual Pupil Data Collection Forms: Introduction

b)  document Individual Pupil Data Collection Form: Cohort A

c)  document Individual Pupil Data Collection Form: Cohort B


A reference copy of the Survey Questionnaire (in Microsoft Word Format) is also available.  This document, which lists all the questions and response options and also includes additional information/guidance, has been prepared for reference when completing the forms.  It is available in two versions:

a)  document A version for printing out (the 'hard copy' version which shows all the response choices for each question)

b)  document A version for completion on-screen .  This version has on-screen drop-downs.


The target date for data submissions in the first year of the Study is the end of April 2018. However, with the launch of the Study being later than anticipated, there will be some flexibility over the deadline.                                                                                                                                                          

If you have any queries on the Longitudinal Study please contact Bob Denman, NatSIP-CRIDE Project Team Lead:

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.